President: The production of Iran’s petrochemical industry has doubled

تولید پتروشیمی ایران Û² برابر شده است®A=Z²A³|ø5Ð

“The President of the Republic, stating that the production of our petrochemical products has doubled in seven years, said: The production of the country’s petrochemical products in 1992, 1956”

According to NIPNA, quoting the presidential information base, Dr. Hassan Rouhani said today (Wednesday, August 8) at the cabinet meeting: “We have gone through difficult days in these two years and months, and it was not an easy day for the people, but Thanks to God, the basis of the country and the system and the framework of the country’s economy and people’s lives are well managed in the minimum needs of the people and the necessity of the people. Today, basic goods are immediately available to the people. In the production sector, our producers did a great job. That is, producers who have done great work in our important industries, to which a large part of non-oil exports depend today.

“Our factories have produced even more than last year,” he said, adding that non-oil exports may have fallen slightly in terms of revenue, but increased in weight. We produce more steel, copper, aluminum and petrochemicals. Production is in place. When there is production and employment and production is increasing, exports will also be increasing.

The President stated that the enemy has not knocked us down in the economic field and has not been able to stop our exports: Of course, there are problems that we must join hands to be solved. Part is solvable and part is because of sanctions and the crown.

Rouhani said that the work done by our great producers was a great work, adding: “People should know that in the last seven years, steel production in the entire chain has doubled compared to Iran’s previous history.” It is doubled from all stages, ie from mine, concentrate, pellets, steel and sponge iron. In petrochemicals, our production has doubled in these seven years. Our production was 56 million in 1992, which will reach 100 million tons by the end of the year.

“In the last 10 days, exporters and bond companies, mainly steel and petrochemicals, have returned $ 2.5 billion in foreign exchange,” he said. And many of them return the currency correctly to the Nima system. Of course, there are minorities who are in violation and should be dealt with according to the law.

The President added: “Today we are witnessing calm in the country and none of the forces are looking for marginalization.” We must help and cooperate with each other, and if they want to point out a point to us, they must also present the solution to us, otherwise empty criticism will not cure the pain.

Rouhani added: “We thank all those who work in production, facilitate the work of the people and work in the fields of health, taxes, water, electricity and gas bills.”